Services We Provide

Bellissima's Stop4Fun website is intended to entertain and educate.  Our
services include information about books, places, art, music and loads of
other things.  We are expanding to include more and more all the time,
anything that will encourage kids to be all they can be and to change some
of the negative ways a kids can look at life.  We want t crusade against
bullying and deprecation of self and encourage positive imagery of oneself
from deep inside, Former teacher, Penelope Dyan, is using all the tools in
her tool chest and all her knowledge of children to do just that here at
Bellissima Publishing, LLC.  Join us for a new kind of learnign adventure!
Look for Penelope Dyan and Bellissima video on you tube.  Subscribe to
our channel.  Watch!.

Look for the Bellissima Books that go along with these web-shows and
make the learning experience complete!