About Stop4Fun.org
We are a Bellissima Publishing, LLC Web Show 4 Kids!

Bellissima is all about books for everyone, but this website happens to be
just for kids, kids of ALL ages!

Bellissima Publishing, LLC was incorporated in 2005 as a limited liability
Corporation in the state of California.  Our books are printed where they
are sold.  Of a book is purchased in America, it is printed in America.  If a
book is purchased in the UK, then it is printed in the UK.  If a book is
purchased in Australia or in another part of what is considered Asia, then
this is where the book is printed, in the AU.  Bellissima believes in
supporting people and jobs wherever our books are sold.

Bellissima has 16 writers and over 290 titles.  If we find out about a
mistake in one of our books, such as even a typo in a children's picture
book, we correct our mistakes, because if we want to encourage children
to be the best they can be, then we need to be the best we can be.  It may
take us some time to make everything as perfect as possible, but we also
know that no book or person is ever perfect, although someone may be
just about perfect in every way!  So join us for laughter and tears and follow
us through the years, because Bellssima Books are a ind investment!

Just open your own door of dreams, and step inside!  hat's what
Bellissima does!  We are in the business of making dreams come true for
both me and you!

Penelope Dyan